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At Stonewall Institute, we know that overcoming addiction, depression, and other co-occurring issues can be extremely difficult. We also know that recovery is possible. In both our professional and personal experience, we have seen thousands of people recover from such issues and move forward to live happy and 
joyous lives free from the chains of alcohol and/or drug dependency.
Clients who receive services through Stonewall Institute will experience the following standards of care:

1. Dedicated and professional staff who are committed to providing services in a safe, non-judging, and affirmative environment

A holistic approach to care which recognizes the mind-body-spirit connection in order to help you recover all aspects of who you are

3. An upscale, yet comfortable office setting which reflects quality and professionalism related to your counseling experience

4. An authentic connection to natural community based support which will guide you in the maintenance of long term recovery

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